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James Blake - Overgrown - Full album


24 Days of Non-Disney Day 12: Wonder Woman


24 Days of Non-Disney Day 12: Wonder Woman


My “Blood Diamond” drawing


My “Blood Diamond” drawing


Boards Of Canada ~ Everything You Do Is A Balloon

awesome vid o.o


You Won’t Remember /// Bibio
He sees you more than you could know
In his chair at night, he can’t clear his mind
Silence hurts, no-distractions-ache
Then he gets the call and he drives for miles
You won’t remember but he wanted you
He’d like to tell you that he wanted you

He sees you but you don’t see him
In your bed at night, in your line of sight
Silence sings and his ears will ring
With that final bleep, he can’t fall to sleep
You won’t remember but he wanted you
He’d like to tell you that you’re haunting him.

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I saw your handprint in the snow on the gate to the churchyard,

I followed your footprints on the path,

Under the yew I saw a frozen dewdrop spider’s web,

And percolating through the boughs and branches:

A thousand syllables of silver bird song.

And through the blankets of the falling snow,

Like a single zero on a blank page,

I saw a wreath upon your grave.

— Arcade Fire, “Here Comes The Night Time,” Reflektor (via ionosphere-negate)

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I just want to talk about something for a minute. It’s really cool to me to think about Will being saved by America the world last night, and seeing James and Matthew be in the bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s cool to see them be in the bottom; especially James.

I think in both the battles and knockouts, America would have picked the same person as the coaches have. I know I have. However, I wished for him to be stolen both times. Though he was not the superior competitor at that time, I knew he can show more. And boy, did he!! I think there are other reasons why James was in the bottom 2. Even after the last time Will was saved by Adam (I so wanted him to give his last save to Will), James was still the fan favorite. I think it’s after Demons that I really started to like Will more. And At Last made me crazy about him! James has always been my favorite. His audition, first, and fourth live’s were beyond amazing but I kinda grew to like Will more because of his determination and passion for music. He also messes up less than James and Matthew. Even though the other two have the more obvious kind of skill. And that really helps his votes, I think. If you want to be in this business you have to practice as hard and often as Will Champlin. He really inspired me to practice more. So even though technically I prefer James, if it came down to those two instead, I would have given my VoiceSave to Will. i thought of it really hard before the show started, and I was at music school. Ha ha. I am so obsessed with this season.